Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education

MTH499 – EAS 621


Faculty in ChargeSigal Gottlieb

Supporting Faculty:

Welcome students! I am happy that you sign up for my MTH499/EAS621 Spring 2013 CSUMS class. This class is going to be different than regular class in the sense that you choose a topic, learn it as deep as you can, and present what you have learned to other students. You are expected to :

  • Do some numerical experiments with problem solving environment such as MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, or other open source tools.
  • Read references to learn about history, interesting phenomena, and numerical techniques.
  • Write your research diary in your blog.
  • Make research presentation.
  • Make report in LaTeX.
  • Make a poster.

Things you need to do during the first week:

  1. Choose advisor (+ co advisor).
  2. Choose research topic of your interest or discuss possible interesting research topics with your advisor.
  3. Set up regular meeting with your advisor to report your progress.

Latex resources

Final report latex template

Poster latex template (from Nathaniel Johnston)

Poster latex template (from Charles Poole)

Student Participants:

Undergraduate students (MTH499)

  1. Isaak Akins
  2. Samuel Fisher
  3. Jared Sowden
  4. Ifedayo Bamikole
  5. Joana Reis
  6. Gustavo Franco Reynoso
  7. Give-Lord Francisque
  8. Matheus Lelis
  9. Emmalene McHugh
  10. Vanessa Haen
  11. Jacob Sousa
  12. Carlos Fernandes
  13. Jorge Fernandes
  14. Javier Galindo
  15. Nicholas Moniz
  16. Daniel Sarkes

Graduate students (EAS 621)

  1. Sidafa Conde
  2. Zachary Grant
  3. Christopher Bresten
  4. Gary Forrester


Final report submission: TBA.

Math Conference

  1. SIAM CSE 2013. February 25 -March 1 2013. The Westin Waterfront, Boston USA
  2. 19th Sigma Xi UMass Dartmouth. April 23-April 24 2013. UMass Dartmouth Library.
  3. UMass Amherst Undergraduate Research Conference. April 26 2013. UMass Amherst

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