Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education

Courses currently assigned to the project team for Spring 2010 that form part of a coherent offering in computational mathematics include the following:

MTH 499 (1) Computational Mathematics Seminar

This CSUMS research seminar is designed for all mathematics majors, Freshman through Senior. A prerequisite for enrollment in the seminar is Calculus I, and permission of the instructor. The topic of the course is computational mathematics and scientific computing. Students will work on a research topic under the guidance of the instructor. The work includes reading some papers, written progress in student’s blog, MATLAB/Octave programming projects, presentations, and making a poster. Students will be taught the skills they need to carry out the research, such as programming in MATLAB or writing in LaTex.

Time: 09:30 AM – 10:45 AM, Tuesday and Thursday, Room LArts 218

Professor: Sigal Gottlieb

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