Research in Scientific Computing in Undergraduate Education


Faculty in Charge: Sigal Gottlieb

Supporting Faculty:

  1. Gary Davis
  2. Saeja Kim
  3. Cheng Wang
  4. Steve Leon
  5. Yanlai Chen
  6. Alfa Heryudono

Welcome students! I am happy that you sign up for my MTH499 Fall 2010 CSUMS class. This class is going to be different than regular class in the sense that you choose a topic, learn it as deep as you can, and present what you have learned to other students. You are expected to :

  • Do some numerical experiments with problem solving environment such as MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple, or other open source tools.
  • Read references to learn about history, interesting phenomena, and numerical techniques.
  • Write your research diary in your blog.
  • Make research presentation.
  • Make report in LaTeX.
  • Make a poster.

Hopefully, by the end of the semester, you will learn something useful.

Things you need to do during the first week:

  1. Choose advisor (+ co advisor).
  2. Choose research topic of your interest or discuss possible interesting research topics with your advisor.
  3. Set up regular meeting with your advisor to report your progress.

Latex final report template for MTH499 CSUMS students

Participating students research blogs

  1. Joe Cross (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  2. Daniel Kelleher (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  3. Samara Laliberte (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  4. Jason Lemrise (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  5. Justin McKennon (blog) (presentation 1) (presentation 2) (final report)
  6. Sarena Meas (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  7. Vinh The Nguyen (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  8. Sumi Oldman (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  9. Kerenne Paul (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  10. Muhammad Shams (blog) (presentation) (final report)
  11. Daniel Walsh (blog) (presentation) (final report)


  1. Charles Poole (blog) (final report) (cluster report) (NAMIAM 2010 poster)
  2. Zack Grant (blog) (final report)
  3. Sidafa Conde (blog) (final report)
  4. Giuliano Basile (final report)
  5. Leanne Silvia (Wolfram Technology 2010 conference talk)
  6. Christine Rohr

Teaching Assistant: Dan Katz


  1. Charles Poole is participating in poster session in the First North American Meeting on Industrial and Applied Mathematics, December 7 – 10 2010, Universidad del Mar, Mexico.
  2. Leanne Sylvia is giving a talk in the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010 , October 13 – 15 2010, Champaign, Illinois.
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